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Hard Drive 911 is now partnered with Kroll Ontrack, the world leader in data recovery, to enhance our data recovery service. Kroll Ontrack utilizes 25+ years experience in data recovery, offering the highest-quality service available. This partnership provides the quality of service that you expect from Hard Drive 911 including:

  • Guarantees 24 - 48 hour turn-around on most hard drive inspections at no additional charge.
  • Offers 24x7 Emergency Data Recovery Service everwhere in the Continental U.S.
  • Does not require you to choose a service level or turn-around time before you know exact pricing.
  • 17 years of proven experience and leadership.

This allows you to decide which data recovery service level & turn-around time is ideal for you.

Start your data recovery service now by calling (888) 470-3282 to speak with a Data Recovery Specialist.

We will address your data loss in a timely, cost effective, and professional manner.

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A few of our notable data recovery clients

Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Warner Brothers Pictures Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Clients Fox Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client National Geographic Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client US Army Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client St Jude Medical Center Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client US Air Force

Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Citi Bank Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Sony Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Coldwell Banker Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Internal Revenue Service Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Stanford University School of Medicine Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery Client Northrup Grumman

More Clients

Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery is the first and only data recovery service to guarantee 24 - 48 hour hard drive recovery inspections at no additional charge, regardless of service level.

Emergency Service is available 24x7 everywhere in the Continental U.S.

Rapid inspection provides you with vital turn-around time and cost information you need to make effective decisions regarding your data recovery.

Start your data recovery now by calling (888) 470-DATA.

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Client Testimonials

So my external hard drive AND my back up external hard drive (both over 6 years old) gave up at the same time this weekend. After digging around on the internet, talking to work's IT team and researching on yelp I gave a couple of external hard drive retrieval companies a call.

I choose to go with Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery as they were the most professional, answered all my questions - and they mentioned the clean room. Yes they knew it was important when opening these things up to be using a clean room. I filled out their form, and called for a pickup. While I had John on the phone I asked him about how I should modify my backup system and he spent time with me going through what he would suggest doing (two external hard drives, differing brands, backing up once a week - the sensible stuff). I asked if I should include the power supply to the drive I was having fixed for the pick up. John said yes as they have a thorough step wise testing procedure, and this was the first thing they looked at. Which made me realize that having checked different cables, PCs etc. I had not tested the external hard drive with another power supply. And that was it. I called John back and told him they now appeared to work. He continued to give me sound advice (back them up immediately, do not turn them off etc.). I learnt my lesson. Hopefully there will not be an next time. But if there is - I will definitely use them again .

So in summary - no I did not have to use them - but

  • very good customer service
  • straight fwd pricing - with an upfront diagnostic fee that is netted off against any future work required
  • they manage expectations well - ie. we cannot tell you exactly how much this will cost, until we have run the diagnostics - but generally it is in this range
  • honest and patient

Jasper D, San Francisco, CA, January 10, 2011

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