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Corrupt Partition or Boot Sectors

If your hard drive has corrupted partition tables or corrupted/missing boot sector, it must be determined if the problem is logical or physical in nature.

Erroneous logical drive operations may result in lost, missing, or corrupt boot sectors or partition tables. This type of recovery is logical, and does not require cleanroom work.

If the boot sector or partition table is corrupt due to physical media degradation or damage to these areas of the hard drive, physical cleanroom recovery will be neccessary.

Completion of our data recovery inspection will give our engineers the data to determine if your drive failure is logical or physical, then we will discuss with you the data recovery options available.


Client Testimonials

I recently had a portable hard drive that failed on me. I brought it to Best Buy and they said I'd have to find a recovery company to help recover my data as the drive was corrupted. I asked around and was recommended to Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery. I sent a request through their site and Tom called me back within 24 hours. He was very informative and explained everything with a calmness about him that made me definitely want to get my drive fixed with them. They sent a messenger to pick up my drive and emailed a status report within days. He told me that he could recover the majority of the files. I hurried and purchased an external drive and had it mailed directly to Hard Drive 911. My data was recovered and mailed back to me. I'm am completely grateful to Hard Drive 911. They recovered my engagement and honeymoon photos.

The process is so fast, easy and hastle free that I would recommend this service to anyone whose had a drive failure. Thanks Tom!! You're a life saver.

Stacey L, San Francisco, CA, May 26, 2010

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