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Corrupt Partition or Boot Sectors

If your hard drive has corrupted partition tables or corrupted/missing boot sector, it must be determined if the problem is logical or physical in nature.

Erroneous logical drive operations may result in lost, missing, or corrupt boot sectors or partition tables. This type of recovery is logical, and does not require cleanroom work.

If the boot sector or partition table is corrupt due to physical media degradation or damage to these areas of the hard drive, physical cleanroom recovery will be neccessary.

Completion of our data recovery inspection will give our engineers the data to determine if your drive failure is logical or physical, then we will discuss with you the data recovery options available.


Client Testimonials

It's magic! That's sort of how I feel about computers and data and the internet. I honestly really don't understand how it all works and I really don't care. But I need it to work and get really impatient and helpless feeling when it doesn't. So, recently when my computer (I guess my hard drive) started making these horror movie sounding noises I was a little concerned, but ignored it. Big mistake!

Then, I went to turn on my computer later that day and it was having a full blown seizure. Making sounds that literally scared my dog. Then, it had a stroke and I thought it was dead (my computer, not my dog). OMG! What the hell am I suppose to do? If I was at work I would dial ext. 28000 and have the all knowing magic IT guy come and work his magic .

What do people who know crap about computers do when their hard drive has a stroke?

They call Hard Drive 911.

Of course, I looked on Yelp first to see what I could find. I called HD911, they actually came and picked up my hard drive, gave me a quote and whisked my life away to the nearest ER for computers. (At least that's what I imagined.)

Long story short, they brought my computer back from the dead (faster than I expected), kept me updated during the process and were reasonably priced.

I highly recommend HD911 ... but hope you never have to call them.

Montana D, San Francisco, CA, April 14, 2009

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