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Full Disk Encryption Recovery

Full Disk Encryption adds a layer or complexity to any data recovery. Through close cooperation with major full-disk encryption vendors and developers, Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery has pioneered recovery of full-disk encrypted hard drives including those using the following technologies:

  • ArchiCrypt Live
  • BestCrypt
  • BitArmor DataControl
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Bloombase Keyparc
  • CGD
  • CenterTools DriveLock
  • Check Point Full Disk Encryption
  • CrossCrypt
  • Cryptainer
  • CryptArchiver
  • cryptoloop
  • cryptoMill
  • Discryptor
  • DiskCryptor
  • DISK Protect
  • dm-crypt/cryptsetup
  • dm-crypt/LUKS
  • DriveCrypt
  • DriveSentry GoAnywhere 2
  • E4M
  • e-Capsule Private Safe
  • eCryptfs
  • FileVault
  • FinallySecure Enterprise
  • FREE CompuSec
  • FreeOTFE
  • GBDE
  • GELI
  • KryptOS
  • loop-AES
  • n-Crypt Pro
  • PGPDisk
  • Private Disk
  • R-Crypto
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption (SafeBoot)
  • SafeGuard Easy
  • SafeGuard Enterprise
  • SafeGuard PrivateDisk
  • Sophos (Utimaco)[20]
  • SafeHouse Professional
  • Scramdisk
  • Scramdisk 4 Linux
  • SecuBox
  • SECUDE Secure Notebook
  • SecureDoc
  • Sentry 2020
  • softraid / RAID C
  • SpyProof!
  • svnd / vnconfig
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption
  • TrueCrypt
  • Aloaha Secure Stick

Regardless of the type of Full Disk Encryption or operating system environment, contact Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery today to discuss your encrypted recovery, at (888) 470-3282 or email


Client Testimonials

I literally had four hours to turn in a twenty page paper for grad school and I dropped my computer a foot from the carpeted floor. I had dropped it on my tile floor before and it survived with only a slight bump, but this time, nothing. I could not turn it on to find my paper or all of the sixty some pages of single-spaced notes I had taken to prep. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I think I did both. And then I called my fiance, who calmed me down. I wanted that paper and all of the five years worth of pictures, music, and writing I had done... Less than 48 hours later, I had it. I will ALWAYS back up my stuff now - well, when I get a new computer... But, for those of you who have not learned the lesson yet, Hard Drive 911 will be there! They diagnosed my computer as never to live again and somehow extracted all of the info and put it on some discs and delivered them to me. Because I was in immediate need, they also emailed the super-important stuff to me so I could have it before everything else. And, just so you know, my prof gave me an extension... Two days... So, I really needed the quick service!

Molly M, Santa Monica, CA, June 6, 2009

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